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Guidance on your Mama Journey from Pregnancy, through Delivery, & Beyond!

You deserve to thrive, not just survive in motherhood!

At Love and Lullabies, we are passionate about empowering Mama's to discover their unique path to mind, emotion, and body wellness.

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Love and Lullabies

Birthed out of tears of frustration, confusion, and loneliness when it comes to pregnancy and recovery, Love and Lullabies provides a compassionate and judge-free zone for Mama's to heal. We focus on supporting energy, hormonal balance, nutrition replenishment, and re-identifying self. Dr. Lenny P is the founder and CEO of Love and Lullabies LLC, providing holistic pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum preparation, education, and confidence! As a Naturopathic Doctor and experienced mama, she does not leave any stone unturned as it relates to mind, feeling, and body wellness, so you can be an amazing and present Mama!

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1:1 Pregnancy & Beyond Health

Supporting Mama's pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum mental, emotional, and physical health journey, focusing on tailored preparation, education, and confidence!


Self-paced Online Workshop

Glowing Confidence is a self-paced workshop providing pregnancy tips on health, your body, and post-bump preparation, so you can navigate your pregnancy story with glowing confidence!


1:1 Postnatal Health

A unique jump-start wellness program for Mama's of young children who desire an increase in energy, balanced hormones, nutrition replenishment, and to rediscover themselves!

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Dr. Lenny P was a great resource for my 4th trimester. Being a first-time mom, Dr. P helped with suggesting items that made my life so much easier – items I didn’t know I needed. I spent most of my time researching what the baby needs, I forgot about what I needed. She’s very knowledgeable and creative, which is the best combination a person can have for getting through the pregnancy journey.


Dr. Lenny P helped me after I had my son. Actually, she helped me right before to be better prepared for the 4th Trimester. She told me what to look out for the first few weeks to ensure that I felt comfortable. As a black woman navigating our healthcare system, it made my transition from hospital to home a lot smoother.


Dr. Lenny P came into my life and lifted my spirit every time I meet with her. Her knowledge and relatability make it easy to express how I feel and what is going on. If you are in need of a breath of fresh air to get you through to your precious bundle of joy, she’s the one for the job!


Dr. Lenny P is absolutely amazing! She was so knowledgeable and genuinely helpful. While preparing for the birth of my second child, Dr. P helped me to create a list of questions to ask my doctor and also prepare myself to heal mentally and physically after a planned C-section. Forever grateful!


Dr. Lenny P was very instrumental during my pregnancy. I called on her for almost every scare or question I had. My water intake was horrible, she provided helpful tips to help me drink more water. I also had edema in my feet and she provided tips to help decrease the swelling. She is very knowledgeable both from a doctor’s perspective and her real-world experiences. She is someone you need and can always count on. I will definitely recommend Dr. Lenny P, she’s phenomenal!


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